Australia legalized same-sex marriage

The house of representatives of the Australian Parliament by an absolute majority of votes approved a bill allowing same-sex marriages. About it reports BBC News.

“What a day for love, dignity and respect! Australia did it!” said the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

It is expected that the Governor-General of Australia will adopt the bill in the coming days. In a referendum in November, 62 percent of Australians agreed with the legalization of gay marriage, adds Associated Press.

In Austria the constitutional court on 5 December adopted a decision according to which from the beginning of 2019 in the country to officially allow same-sex marriage. The court has considered the complaint of two women living in a registered partnership. They applied for a marriage, however, the municipal Council in Vienna, and then by the administrative court of the Austrian capital turned them down.

Under current Austrian law, same-sex couples could enter into a legal partnership, but not in a formal marriage as a heterosexual. The court ruled that this law violates the principle of equality.

If, after 31 December 2018, the Austrian Parliament will not amend the decision of the court, couples will be able to conclude the kind of marriage that suits them: normal or registered partnership.