Their experience: women from the list of the greatest business minds of our time

Their experience: women from the list of the greatest business minds of our time

Careers, whose work has influenced the whole world, told Forbes about his life principles.

To the 100th anniversary of the American edition of Forbes magazine introduced the list of people who managed their activities to influence the modern world, “entrepreneurs, visionaries, and prophets of capitalism.” These 100 people, of which only 10 women, wrote for a magazine short essay on their own experience and principles. We present you the most interesting.

Sheryl Sandberg

operating officer Facebook

To be able to spend more time with him, I began to look for ways to come to work later and leave earlier.

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A few years later in one interview I pointed out that leaving work at 17:30. The response was more than positive. And then I realized that we work better when not trying to be two people at once, and commit ourselves to work completely, but staying as you are, with all their problems. This does not mean that you need to work 24 hours a day. You need to share those through which you pass, to speak openly about their circumstances, so that other people could understand you and help.

Two years ago when I lost my husband Dave, I have a better understanding of what he taught me. Dave was a true partner in work and in life, and it taught me the value of peer mentoring. When I discussed with mark Zuckerberg my move to Facebook, Dave advised me to focus not just on content but on the process. The point is that the content of work is changing and working relationship remain. I followed his advice, and mark and I agreed that once a week we meet and discuss together all the current issues. Now, nine years later, I smile, remembering how the Council, Dave was the key to our success.

So for me to dedicate myself to the work means to grieve openly. The support of colleagues inspired me to organize my private life in connection with the loss and the need to take sick leave. To support people when they need it, it’s not just the right decision is a wise decision.