The us teachers talked about not knowing how to read the students

Teachers and students of some schools in California have filed a lawsuit against the state Department of education, accusing him that in five years nothing was done in order to teach students to read. Reported by the New York Post.

According to plaintiffs, the situation with literacy in California “weakens the state”. So, from 2015, the level of knowledge only one fifth of all the pupils from the third to the fifth grade standards.

This situation is observed in both public and private schools.

In the Department of education has not yet commented on the lawsuit, noting that in California there are “the most extensive programs for students from low-income families.” So, according to officials, annually allocated $ 10 billion for teaching children English.

California — the most populous us state. Hispanics make up 38.9 percent of the total population, white Americans — 37.7 per cent.