The sacrifice at the Eid al-Adha will refuse to considered animal abuse

Sacrifice during the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha do not fall under the new law on animal cruelty. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the head of the Duma Committee on legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov.

This exception will set the amendments to the second reading of the bill.

“In celebration of [Eid] produced the rites of sacrificing animals special. It is a traditional Islamic holiday, and he has a long history,” said Krasheninnikov.

Also from-under actions of the law will lead to the killing of the owner of the farm animals, the death and injury of animals for hunting and euthanasia of animals by veterinarians with appropriate indications. In addition, abuse will not be considered the use of animals “as a special means of” power structures.

In the first reading the state Duma adopted a bill to toughen penalties for cruelty to animals on November 22.

The document increases the maximum penalty for the death or injury of the animal as a result of harsh treatment of one to three years of imprisonment.