The plunderers of the money for military construction in the Arctic have received conditional terms

Two of defendant in a criminal case about the theft of 223 million rubles allocated for the construction of military facilities in the Arctic, have received conditional terms. About it reports “Interfax”

“Strebkova Natalia and Islam Pirahmet pleaded guilty in incriminated deeds, repented of their deeds. The court has appointed to each of them punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a term of two years with a probation period of two years”, — quotes Agency the message of the judicial press office.

The court found that the employee Spetsstroy Pirahmet helped prepare documents for the construction of a previously convicted defendant in the case, Andrei Panteleyev. In the application for the construction said that the company Panteleyev “as-inzheniring” has experience of similar work and could do them, but it wasn’t.

Thus, Panteleev from July 2014 to December 2015 kidnapped at least 223,6 million rubles allocated from the budget belonging to the Spetsstroy of Russia. Panteleev and strebkova cashed out and ordered them at its discretion.

Another defendant in the case, Alexander Kuznetsov returned 80 million rubles and received two years probation. Panteleev pleaded guilty, he was also sentenced to two years probation.