The guy squeezed a pimple with dirty blade and got mycelium on the face

The Chicago resident went to the hospital with an unusual swelling on the face after he removed a zit with dirty blades for work on wood. About the case, reports Science Alert.

The details of the incident described in the journal of Emergency Medicine. 23-year-old carpenter went to the doctors with complaints of painful skin lesions under the lower lip, which was developed over seven months. Doctors he explained that he just used a carpenter’s tool to remove the pimple.

The biopsy showed that under the lower lip of the American settled a fungal infection — blastomycosis (Blastomyces dermatitidis), disputes of this kind of fungi live in the soil and wet decaying wood.

Usually the valve is accompanied by the following symptoms: headaches, chills, fever, weight loss. However, the patient they are not apparent. The results of x-rays and examination showed that the infection was in the chest.

To date, there are about 50 cases of infection cutaneous blastomycosis, the Chicago resident became the first person brought into the body fungal spores through the blade.