The EU has published a blacklist of countries offshore

The EU has published a blacklist of countries offshore

The Finance Ministers of the countries of the European Union on Tuesday published a black list of countries not wishing to cooperate with the EU in the field of tax reporting. The list consists of 17 countries, jurisdictions most of which are offshore.

In a published “black list” includes: American Samoa, Bahrain, Barbados, Grenada, GUAM, Macau, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, Palau, Panama, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia and South Korea.

“We are at the level of the EU adopted a list of countries whose governments are not doing enough to combat tax evasion”, — quotes Agency Reuters Minister of Finance of France Bruno Le Mayor.

According to the Minister, caught in the list of countries may lose access to the funds of the European Union. Against them will be introduced and other measures which the EU will decide in a few weeks.

Also published a “gray list” of 47 member States, tax rules which fail to meet EU standards, but soon to be revised.

The last few years an international group engaged in journalistic investigations, published data on the offshore financial services which are dignitaries, celebrities and businessmen from most countries of the world.