Reading out loud helps memorization: a new study

Reading out loud helps memorization: a new study

As shown by a new study conducted by experts from the University of Waterloo (Canada), easier to remember something if he reads it out loud.

Scientists have shown that when speaking, reciting it aloud, we remember best — it helps the memories be stored in long term memory. “This study confirms that learning and memorization benefit from the active involvement of the person,” said Colin Macleod, co-author of the new work. Briefly about the results of work reported in a press release on the portal NeuroscienceNews.

The study tested four methods for learning the written information: volunteers either read in silence or heard read by someone else, or listened to the recording of your own voice, or read the text aloud in real time. Results 95 participants of the experiment showed that the effect playback (production effect) when the information is read aloud has led to a better memorization.

According to Macleod, the study suggests that activity — among other factors — contributes to memorization. So, the person remembers the sound of his own voice and it associates the information with themselves. Macleod added that exercise and movement are also important building blocks for a good memory.

The new study was published in the journal Memory.