Putin noted a shift in attitudes toward people with disabilities

Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to develop a set of measures encouraging business to hiring people with disabilities. The corresponding statement the President made at a meeting with disabled persons and representatives of relevant NGOs on Tuesday, December 5, reports RIA Novosti.

“There should be a range of measures to promote the business to working on this project. I’m going to set the relevant agencies and the government in General and in the regions that this work was carried out”, — said the President.

Putin stressed that the removal of barriers to the disabled, usually do not cost a lot of money but requires only the attention of the employers. “And you need to provide [workers] not as a residual, and the level of qualification: and there should also be as work in state companies and in the private sector,” he added.

In General, according to Putin, the attitude of society towards people with disabilities “becomes more Mature and humane”. He also recalled that in recent years, measures were also implemented to create a comfortable environment. “The fifth part of educational institutions complies with the conditions of inclusive education”, — said the President.

Today Russia is home to more than 12.2 million people with disabilities. According to the Federal state statistics service, in January 2017 disability have 3.6 million people of working age.

Since 2011 the country implemented the program “Accessible environment”, which aim is the creation of conditions for unimpeded access to priority objects and services in priority spheres of life of persons with disabilities and other disabled groups.