Media published police reports of the last days of Lesina

Media published police reports of the last days of Lesina

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Washington Post published an article based on extracts from police reports, which described the last days of the life of the former Minister of press of Russia Mikhail Lesin, who died in Washington in 2015.

New insights the authors do not suggest, except for some details, such as meeting with an unnamed friend at the Four Seasons hotel a few days before death. Mostly repeated material previously known facts, for example, about the use Lesin alcohol.

Protocols received by the publication officially on the basis of a request according to the Law on freedom of information.

The newspaper notes that many of the details in the police report blacked out, for example, the data on the autopsy and the examination of witnesses.

Earlier, DC police told RIA Novosti that he does not consider the death suspicious Lesina. So law enforcement officers commented on the BuzzFeed article, which stated that the FBI believe the death of Yassin murder contrary to the conclusions of the Federal Prosecutor, and one of the anonymous sources unrelated to the investigation, citing an unnamed colleagues who said that the FBI “I think what’s behind it the Kremlin.”

However, none of the cited sources was not related to the case, they all point to what I have heard from colleagues, clarifies the issue.