Khamatova said about leaving the “Contemporary” “ruthless lies”

Khamatova said about leaving the “Contemporary” “ruthless lies”

In a conversation with RBC actress Chulpan Khamatova said that he believes the rumors about her possible departure from the theater “Sovremennik” unreliable.

“It’s not just a rumor, it’s ruthless lies! I just April-may I will not play the plays,” she said. According to Khamatova, it will take a “sabbatical”. “Just a creative pause. I’m staying in the theater, but behind the scenes,” assured the actress.

Earlier in the press service of the theater said that the information about the departure of actress Chulpan Khamatova from the ballet — “true”. In addition, the assistant of the actress Gulnara Sambulatova said that she had no such information. “She is in the performances, you can see by the posters”, she added.

That Khamatova leaving the “Contemporary”, December 5, reported the edition “the” with reference to a single source.

Khamatova starring in “the contemporary” in 1998. She played in productions of “Three comrades” “Three sisters”, “Thunderstorm”, “Mamapapasynsobaka” and many others.