In Sweden, Prime Minister of Estonia is not allowed in the plane to Tallinn

In Sweden, Prime Minister of Estonia is not allowed in the plane to Tallinn

Moscow. 5 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — Estonian Ambassador to Sweden Merle Pajula after the November EU summit in Gothenburg sent a letter critical of the content of the foreign Ministry of Sweden and the Gothenburg Landvetter airport, due to the fact that the Prime Minister jüri Ratas has not got on the plane.

As stated in the letter, at the airport “in front of the nose of the Estonian delegation to” shut the door, and the plane rose into the air with no Ratas, said Tuesday the newspaper Postimees with reference to the

The Ratas urgently needed to be in Tallinn, because there it was waiting for the next meeting. Paula saw with my own eyes, as several delegations from other countries immediately got on their planes, the Estonians took to wait in the VIP room of the airport.

So you can’t treat the heads of state. All the meeting in Gothenburg was perfectly organized, but with a return flight to Tallinn because of the lack of organization experiencing the problem.Merle Pagepool Estonia to Sweden

She’s waiting for the airport company Swedavia and the pilot of the answer to the question: what happened to the plane on which the Estonian delegation under the leadership of the Ratas was supposed to fly home. According to the Ambassador, the decision not to let the Estonians on Board I was personally a pilot, but his name is not communicated. According to Paul, we are talking about the “extreme bad manners”.

Ratas and his team, in the end, got on another plane, which arrived in Tallinn so late that the Prime Minister did not have time for a meeting. The airport Manager Charlotte Ljunggren told reporters that they are investigating the incident together with Swedavia.