Foreigners were amazed by the photo of Muscovites in the morning metro

Communications specialist Oxana Koroleva in late November, has published on Facebook a photo of Moscow subway, where at least five out of ten people, trapped in the frame, reading a book, and two more are studying Newspapers. Passion of Muscovites to the reading surprised the foreigners. They have begun to share the, as a result, the photo has gained over 21 thousand posts, he was noticed by foreign media.

The photo was taken in the Monday rush-hour traffic on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line.

In comments to the post the Queen came to the users from different countries and expressed their amazement. “Another world!” — writes Antonella Costantino.

“Civilization still exists,” the happy Frenchman Alexander Truve. “Bravo. Bravo!” — added a user from Greece.

“Can you imagine that?” asked subscribers Brazilian Amanda Diaz, shared a note on his page. “Just like in Chile,” said ironically Chilean musician, alluding to the fact that in a country like that will not see.

“Someday we have the subway would be like this,” he hoped a resident of Mexico.

Unlike foreigners, compatriots were configured not so optimistic. Many noted that such a picture is rare, mostly subway passengers prefer to bury yourself in smartphones. “That’s how good that buggy Internet in the subway on the purple thread!” — said one of podeschi Queen. “The first meeting of fans of antique books takes place in a subway car!” joked another subscriber.

Some accused the author in a lie, to doubt that the frame is really made of during rush hour. The girl assured that it was 7:30 in the morning, but she explained that rush hour is measured at the congestion of cars, but not time.