Christmas tree in Guatemala killed five people

Four men and a woman were killed in the Guatemalan town of El Carmen, Frontera, on the border with Mexico, decorating the Christmas tree. About it reports BBC News.

The accident occurred because of contact faux wood with a high voltage line. As a result of the shock all decorators have died on the spot. Victims were from 17 to 24 years.

Local residents said that the decorated Christmas tree set in the city on one and the same place for over 20 years. They said that before, never any problems arose.

On 5 December it was reported that a resident of the UK complained on one of the forums on the neighbors decided to decorate the Christmas tree, and sex doll. They hung it on the wall of the garage, put on a Santa hat and hung tinsel. “I don’t want the next month my children looked at this obscenities,” said the woman.