Chinese students forced to study outside in the cold

In the Chinese province of Hebei began the investigation after the user 11 schools forced their students to sit in class on the street in freezing weather. About it reports The Telegraph.

Outside, as the newspaper notes, it was about zero degrees. The students, who began to freeze, the teachers were allowed to run a little bit around your workspace.

The problem arose from the fact that in schools there was no heating — before the premises were heated by coal, but in the context of improving the environmental situation in China, the authorities urged everyone to switch to electric power.

According to one of the parents, on the street cold three weeks ago, however, in schools nothing has been done. “It’s better to be on the street, where I could occasionally look out the sun than to sit in unheated classrooms”, — quotes the edition of his words.

The Telegraph recalls that, in December 2016, about 400 schoolchildren in the city of Linyjo (Hebei province) have passed the written exam outdoors in smog. Then the Director of the institution was removed from his post.