Chinese family threw a daughter, leaving a note on a meeting place after 10 years. They saw each other after 22 years — daughter came from America

Chinese family threw a daughter, leaving a note on a meeting place after 10 years. They saw each other after 22 years — daughter came from America

In 1995 in the Chinese city of Suzhou, a girl of Cinci. The birth took place in a houseboat, which was located in a deserted channel: the parents wanted the authorities found out about the baby. Cinci was the second daughter in the family, and at that time in China still operated a policy of “one family — one child”. The poor could not afford to have more than one child.

The girl’s father Xu Lida took daughter to the local market and left there with a note.

“Our daughter was born Cinci at 10 a.m. the 24th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar in 1995. Because of poverty we have to leave her. Oh, the unhappy hearts of the fathers and mothers! Thank you for saving our little daughter and care about her. If we were made for each other, the heavens will allow us to meet on the Broken bridge in Hangzhou yesterday morning Magpie holiday in 10 or 20 years.”

The note two references to Chinese folklore. Magpie feast called the one day, according to legend, a shepherd can meet with his lover. It is celebrated in the seventh month of the seventh lunar month. Broken bridge is present in a Chinese poem of the white snake is there first meet beloved.

In the summer of 1996 the girl was adopted by an American family from Michigan Poehler. It was named Catherine su Poehler. In China together with the girl, the Americans received a note from her biological parents. The translator burst into tears while reading it.

The girl grew up with two older brothers. The adoptive parents didn’t want to tell her about the past as long as she doesn’t start asking.

10 years after the birth of a child of Lida Xu and his wife Qian Fansan went to the Broken bridge. From morning till four in the afternoon they stood there with a sign with the name of his abandoned daughter, but no one approached them. They didn’t know that the family Poehler asked my friend, Annie Wu to come to the bridge to see will come if someone is promised in the note by the meeting. Wu came a little later four and have not found the girl’s parents.

Annie Wu noticed on the bridge the crew and asked if they had seen two people who could be the girl’s parents. Journalists looked at the footage and saw the footage of two people with a sign. When reporters found out why the woman was interested in the people on the bridge, this story became a local sensation. Employees of the TV station helped to track down Annie Wu parents Cinci, and that gave them a letter from American family. There were several photos and a short summary about what the girl lives in Michigan and as a child she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

After that, the family Poehler said Annie Wu to cut ties with their biological parents Catherine. Those, in turn, decided to come to the bridge each year — in the hope that their daughter will begin to question the foster parents and eventually come to China.

Their story interested documentary filmmaker Changfu Chang. He suggested Chinese family to try to find the Americans and he managed to do it, despite the meager information in the letter. For more information he found on the forum of foster families, where Catherine’s father wrote about the difficulties with the knee of his daughter. The documentary compared his avatar with a photo Polenov and realized that it is one and the same person. When he contacted American family, they again refused to tell his daughter about her biological parents until then while she will not ask about it.