Bulk divided the square with the veterans of the Afghan war

Alexei Navalny

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny held an unsanctioned rally in the square of Heroes of Krasnodon in Saratov, where at this time took place previously agreed share of the local branch of the Russian Union of Afghan veterans. On Friday, 1 December, according to the city administration.

“Alexei Navalny along with supporters invaded the Park during the commemorative events dedicated to the Day of the Unknown Soldier”, — noted in press service. The report said that official notification of an action is not filed.

According to the city hall, the meeting with Navalny gathered about 400 people. At the same time in action veterans of the Afghan war was attended by about 1.3 thousand people, reported “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Saratov” the Chairman of regional branch of “Combat brotherhood” Sergey aveznijazov has. He also noted that conflict, opposition arose.

“Yes, indeed, came Navalny appealed to me as a promoter, but I told him that I didn’t invite him here. After that, he and his supporters decided to leave. No conflict situations and clashes was not” — said the aveznijazov has. According to the newspaper, after talking Navalny came to see him moved to the other end of the square.

As noted by “news of Saratov” with reference to eyewitnesses, one of who was at the rally of the opposition of the girls lost consciousness. According to the online newspaper, she’s underage, she was given first aid.

On 30 November it was reported that the authorities of Saratov and Samara refused Navalny rallies, as elected by them for shares of the seats were already taken by the organizers of other events. Action with the participation of the opposition in Saratov was announced on 1 December, in Samara on 3 December.