To talk about violations in the elections of the President of the student came to the police

In Ulan-Ude teenage Andrew Tsydendambaev, who spoke about violations in the elections for school President, the police came. This was the boy’s father Bair Tsydendambaev announced on his page in “Vkontakte”.

In the video officer Dmitry Oshchepkov says came at the request of the teacher, whose name he did not name. He also explained the essence of the claims. The policeman left the apartment of a teenager after he recorded details of his father and mother.

In October of Tsydendambaev, a student of 11th class, made a video about the violations at the election of the President of the school. According to the teenager, on election day in a sealed ballots already entered the name of a third candidate, who eventually won.

We were asked to assess the actions of Andrew readers in Vkontakte:

“Our Parliament, our Directors, which we are told the truth, saying that we should be honest and fair, they take us and that’s cheating, the whole school, all students. Us guys who are learning are in favor of this school, to protect the honor of the school. They’re turning us into a herd, you know?” said the teenager.

Later, the student said that the movie caught the interest of the journalists, whereupon the principal of the school threatened to expel him. The boy’s father in “Vkontakte” wrote about the persecution of the son of teachers, and promised to come to spit in the face.

The Director of the school Elena Larchenko explained that the name of one of the members of the school elections forgot to include in the list.