The management of the cemetery of the victims of repression were forced to dismantle Stalin

The leadership of the St. Petersburg Levashovo cemetery, one of the largest burial sites of victims of mass repression — was removed from the administrative offices of a portrait of Joseph Stalin. This was written in Facebook by Alexander Peredruk of the Moscow Helsinki group.

To dismantle the portrait of human rights defenders had informed the authorities of St. Petersburg. “The administration of the cemetery explained the impropriety of placing in a public place portraits, pictures and different symbols, not related to the nature of the work organization”, — stated in the letter from the St. Petersburg Committee for entrepreneurship.

Peredruk in early November, complained to Stalin’s portrait to the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. Human rights activists have discovered the image of Soviet leader in October when I was in Levashovskaya wasteland tour.

Levashovskaya pustosh (Levashovo memorial cemetery) — one of the secret places of burial of victims of Stalin’s terror, which was under the protection of the NKVD-KGB of the USSR. Buried here are 46 thousand people.