The influence of sex on sleep

The influence of sex on sleep

MOSCOW, 4 Dec — RIA Novosti. Sex can have a positive effect on a person’s ability to fall asleep, to such conclusion Dr. Michelle Laster from the Australian University of Queensland. The results of the study leads portal

The study of 460 people aged 18-70 years said that they usually do before bed and then sleep. According to the results, 64% of respondents said that they slept better if they were able to achieve orgasm with a partner. In addition, better sleep and those who are limited-satisfaction, half of them reporting more than easy to fall asleep.

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According to Lastella, sex leads to the development of “biochemical cocktail”, which is characterized by a high content of hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This combination produces a sense of peace and relaxation.

In addition, the author studies convinced that sex before bed helps people to stop thinking about problems and makes them postpone the mobile device.

Earlier, American scientists found that sex, contrary to popular notions, it is rarely cause heart failure and other problems in the circulatory system.