The DNR said about the “shooting” of the Ukrainian military’s own snipers

The DNR said about the “shooting” of the Ukrainian military’s own snipers

In skirmishes between the armed forces of Ukraine in the settlements Gladosovo and Travneve on November 22, killed 17 Ukrainian soldiers, 11 were injured, according to Deputy commander of the operational command of the self-proclaimed Republic of Donetsk (DNI) Edward Basurin.

On the question of whether the killing by the military of Ukraine, Eduard Basurin said the RBC: “Snipers of the SBU [security Service of Ukraine] were shot military APU, was a battle in Frunze, was the undermining of the car, two killed yesterday in a shootout between units of the armed forces”.

The representative of the headquarters ATO Basil Labay reported that Baturina statements of 17 of the victims of war are not true. “It is a complete fake. To comment on the statements of people such as this man, is pointless, because his thoughts do not conform to common sense,” he said.

Labay said that the words of Baturina that the SBU snipers fired at Ukrainian servicemen are false: “It is not true. He wants to see”, — said the representative of the headquarters. According to him, in Gladosovo and Travneve “the situation is stable”.

According to the headquarters of the ATO in Facebook, in the period from November 22, killed about ten Ukrainian military, but as a result of attacks by fighters of DNR.