The commander of the SWAT Taliban killed in Afghanistan

The commander of the special units of the Taliban (banned in Russia), Mullah Shah Wali killed in Afghanistan. About it reports Reuters, citing the country’s intelligence agencies.

The action was led by the “red squad” of the group, which is considered the most well armed unit of the Taliban, said the Agency.

Shah Wali was killed in the air strike, the Afghan military in Helmand province. Reuters calls this area a stronghold of the Taliban and drug trade center.

Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan to help lead the United States. In August the American President Donald trump announced a new strategy in the country. In particular, the United States intends to expand the powers of the military. In response, the representative of “Taliban” has promised to continue the Jihad until, until the last American soldier will leave Afghanistan.

The United States began a military operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan in 2001 in response to the attacks of 11 September of the same year. Active hostilities lasted ten years. From July 2011 began a gradual withdrawal of coalition troops from Afghanistan. In 2014, after the U.S. and allies have completed a number of special operations, a decision was made about the end of the active phase of the war.