The astronauts made a pizza to the ISS

The astronauts made a pizza to the ISS

The crew of the International space station made a pizza in zero gravity. This writes the TV channel “360”.

Astronaut Paolo Nespoli during one of the sessions of communication with NASA, told me that he misses the national kitchen and then to the ISS was delivered everything you need to prepare the pizza ingredients, reports RT.

The process of cooking has published in his microblog in the social network Twitter, NASA astronaut Randy Breznik.

Pizza delivery to @space_station! 53 Our Expedition crew had a blast channeling our inner chef by building #tasty pizzas for movie night. Whose pizza looks the tastiest?

— Randy Bresnik (@AstroKomrade) December 2, 2017

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Earlier it was reported that aerospace company SpaceX will deliver to the ISS 20 grains of barley, which during the month will germinated in orbit. The experiment will give scientists information about the possibility of brewing on Mars.