Secret investor: how Feoktistov found $2 million to Ulyukayev

Secret investor: how Feoktistov found $2 million to Ulyukayev

At the disposal of the Russian service Bi-bi-si were part of the testimony given at trial, one of the organizers of the “case speaker” — FSB General Oleg Feoktistov. It follows from them that he found from an unknown investor $ 2 million, which was later detained by the Minister.

Feoktistov gave evidence to the inquiry at the court on 20 September, but their nature is still not disclosed. The meeting, which was questioned by Feoktistov, was held behind closed doors at the request of the FSB, the secret service asked me to hide the interrogation of his ex-employee, “in consideration of ensuring his personal security and prevent the disclosure of identifying information”.

Former FSB General, Oleg Feoktistov is one of the key defendants in court accused of taking bribes the former head of the Ministry of economy Alexei Ulyukayev. In the fall of 2016, he headed the security service of Rosneft. As follows from the indictment and the case, it Feoktistov wrote a letter to speaker of the FSB, Sechin, his only signed.

The former Minister called the General one of the organizers of the case.

The testimony of the head of “Rosneft” in court were not disclosed, so the court can not consider them as evidence. In this regard, Feoktistov was the main prosecution witness in the case of the speaker.

Feoktistov’s testimony at trial, the Russian service Bi-bi-si it is known from the transcript of the meeting on 20 September, which interrogated the General. Transcript of record bi-Bi-si gave a source familiar with the case, but preferred to remain unknown for security purposes. Another source of Bi-bi-si familiar with the content of the interrogation of General of the FSB, but was not authorized to divulge details of the investigation, confirmed that Feoktistov gave such testimony.

The document has information about open and closed parts of the meeting, on 20 September. Transcript of the open part coincides with the recording start of the meeting, which is Bi-bi-si.

Private investor

As follows from the testimony of the General, given to them in the court, he decided, where to get a key piece of evidence in the case: $ 2 million, which arrested the Minister Ulyukayev 14 November 2016. Still the court was not told details about how did so much cash and where they go after the trial.

Version Feoktistova, the need to conduct an investigative experiment, he said the FSB. On behalf of Feoktistov gave the secret service the cash. Sechin, in his testimony (copies of the minutes have bi-Bi-si) has also told us that Feoktistov was engaged in search of money for the experiment.

The money I asked his good friend, private investor. Without explaining to him the reasons: he still doesn’t know what the money was for. He brought me [them] to the building of “Rosneft”. I here they were taken to the relevant Department of the security service, where the act gave them to the employee.Oleg Feoktistovna FSB, one of the organizers of the “case speaker”

The speaker later in the meeting, said Feoktistova, whether he knew about the origin of money. “By education I am not an economist… the Less you know, the better. Remember, brought, gave,” he replied.

Subsequently, the money returned to “Rosneft” on the morning of 14 November, the day of the operational experiment. To the office they brought the FSB operatives. One of them told Feoktistov, Sechin held a briefing — it was attended by the General. According to him, the head of “Rosneft” advised “to line [his] behavior was completely normal and that there are no provocations”.

Recommendations what to say Ulyukayev, the FSB, Sechin was not given, told Feoktistov at the meeting.

The bag where the cash was packaged in a cloth “Burgundy”. The very bag Feoktistov described as follows: “she had dark brown, leather. You know, when you see in the movies old men such doctor”.

Investigators gave Feoktistov and key bags. The key was sealed in an envelope, and told the General. Sechin key is not touched. To give the key to the head of “Rosneft”, Feoktistov tore the envelope and “poured out” key in his jacket pocket Sechin, which the General called “duty”.

“I asked Igor Ivanovich, what jacket, because the company tradition to meet the head of the rank in the street,” recalled Feoktistov.

The very same bag with money Feoktistov put “under the tree” at the presidential entrance of Rosneft, in a predetermined place. In his memoirs, which he shared in court after the arrival of the speaker of their conversation Sechin took two or three minutes. Then the former Minister “quite cheerfully” took the bag: “I Opened the trunk, put it in the trunk.”

After that, the speaker and Sechin proceeded to the office of “Rosneft”, which spent 15 to 20 minutes. Then the Minister sat in the car, which at the exit was stopped by employees of FSB.

To review the Feoktistov on Sunday evening failed.

About his current place of employment never officially reported: in court he had a “war pensioner”. Bi-bi-si asked for comments to the FSB (where Feoktistov worked up to 2016), “Rosneft” (where the General had worked until the beginning of 2017), the Bank “Peresvet” (the media reported that he has held the position of Vice-President of the Bank). On Sunday night representatives of these organizations requests are not answered.