“Science Oscar” was awarded to the researchers of CMB and control proteins

“Science Oscar” was awarded to the researchers of CMB and control proteins

Laureates of the “research Oscar” — prize of the Breakthrough Prize, founded by the Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner. Cash prizes totaling $ 22 million will be given to the winners of the main prizes, which are awarded for outstanding achievements in physics, mathematics and biological Sciences, as well as laureates of the New Horizons for young scientists, reported on the website of the Breakthrough Prize.

Prize in biology was awarded to Joan Chori Institute Howard Hughes — for the discovery of the molecular mechanisms by which plants receive information about light and shadows and control the growth of leaves; don Cleveland of the University of California San Diego — for the clarification of the molecular pathogenesis of inherited amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Kazutoshi Mori from Kyoto University and Peter Walter from the Institute of Howard Hughes — a study of the mechanism of cellular quality control of proteins; and Kim Nesmith of Oxford is studying the mechanism that controls the separation of duplicate chromosomes during cell division.

The award in fundamental physics were 27 people who worked with the space telescope WMAP, who examined the relic microwave radiation, for a detailed map of the early Universe, which has greatly expanded our knowledge about its evolution and the role of fluctuations in the formation of galaxies.