Psychologists told that all is good hugs

Psychologists told that all is good hugs

MOSCOW, 4 Dec — RIA Novosti. Hugs give a person a sense of protection, peace and trust, help to treat autism in children, but in this matter you need to know as to not get in trouble, told RIA Novosti psychologists.

International hug day is celebrated on December 4.

At least 8 times

Expert interdisciplinary Department of sexology Anna koteneva told that the person recommended to hug at least eight times a day.

Embrace is the desire to show the person their attitude and allow the person to find in this condition a sense of confidence, a sense of peace, trust, love.

“With regard to the relations of men and women or education of the child, in psychology it is considered that the key to a good relationship may be at least eight characters attention during the day. Of course, assumed the arms. It gives a sense of protection. Need to cuddle more often, nobody was hurt,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Can beat

Psychologist Yuri Velba warns against the abuse of such practices. According to the expert, you cannot teach a child to hug strangers.

Child — trusting, human being, and not only people who have positive intentions, you can hug, but people with not very good intentions. All necessary measure.Yuri Wallpapermag

According to him, Russia can be attributed to the countries where the arms are part of the culture — a sign of hospitality, while Western culture embraces not close to inhabitants of countries such as Korea, China, Japan.

“There are cultures in which the arms are not taken. And in those cultures where it is a tradition, many people who experience discomfort when violated their personal boundaries. It’s crazy for them. The arms in such cases can lead to conflict — they should only occur with mutual consent,” — said the expert.