Police confiscated four-year-old a toy gun

Seized from the four-year pupil of the St. Petersburg children’s garden, the gun was a toy — he gave him parents. About it reports a press-service of city Commissioner for the rights of the child, citing information from the Department of Affairs of minors of St. Petersburg.

The report said that the gun was sent for examination, the results of which showed that he was not present and was not even charged plastic pellets, so posed no threat to children.

The similarity of the toys with an air weapon due to its high quality and cost — it cost the family $ 11 thousand rubles. “The toy gun looked like a real BB gun and misled even adults”, — specified in a press release.

Earlier it was reported that on 29 November a little boy brought in kindergarten the subject similar to air weapons. The teacher called the police, the gun was seized and sent for examination, and parents held a preventive conversation about the rules of handling weapons.