Permyakov was invited to discuss the budget and rejected all their proposals


The city administration has summed up the results of public hearings on draft budget Perm in 2018-2020 years, during which rejected all offers invited citizens, according to “Star”.

According to the publication, in the course of the hearings Perm residents have made 20 offers on a variety of issues: from ecology to social security. In particular, it was proposed to increase funding for the organization of accessible environment for people with disabilities, to allocate funds for the development of the volunteer movement, to repair the storm drain on one of the streets, and to restore unlimited discounted travel through the elimination of the indexation of salaries of officials in 2018 by 10 percent.

All offers of inhabitants of the city were rejected. Officials explained the refusal by saying that there are no legal acts necessary for implementation of proposals of citizens, says the publication.

As stated by “the” in the city administration, the hearings took place on 26 and 31 October. They confirmed that citizens has made 20 proposals, but denied publication: 9 proposals were previously included in the draft budget, three “do not belong to the authority,” tri — “are not regulated by the decision on the budget,” and five proposals submitted for consideration when drafting the budget of the city of Perm in the years 2019-2021, assured power.

On the official website of the city administration stated that the budget of Perm in the 2018-2020 approved in the first reading on 21 November. The report notes that the main principle of the project is “major investments in man”: “63 percent of the budget allocated to the social sphere in Perm”.