In Tunisia, the cliff fell a bus with tourists

In Tunisia, the cliff fell a bus with tourists

In the Tunisian province of Beja off the cliff fell on a bus carrying tourists. It is known that there were 56 people. Information about their citizenship yet.

In the accident no one was killed, injured at least 50 passengers, ten of them are in very serious condition. All the injured were taken to hospitals.

The situation in personal control was the Prime Minister of Tunisia Youssef Shahed. He instructed the Ministers of interior, health and transport to ensure the quick transportation of victims to hospitals and provide them with necessary medical care, reports news Agency Tunis Afrique Presse.

It is specified that the bus followed in ‘ Ayn Drachmas on the tour. The police believe that the driver has not coped with management, and that was the cause of the accident. The car went off the road and fell into the abyss from a height of about fifty meters.