In the state Duma proposed to imprison mages for paid services and participation in the TV show

Sergey Vostretsov

State Duma Deputy Sergei Vostretsov will submit for consideration the lower chamber of Parliament a bill equating the practice of magic and witchcraft on a fee basis to the fraud and extortion, according to “Parlamentskaya Gazeta” on Tuesday, December 5.

“If you want, guess, do whatever you want, but as soon as the question arises that for these services you have to pay money in any form — it will be a criminal offense,” — said in an interview with Vostretsov.

The parliamentarian, in particular, proposes to Supplement the criminal code article 159.7 describing witchcraft and magical activities as well as to amend article 159 (“Fraud”), 163 (“Extortion”) and 210 (“Organization of criminal community”).

After the adoption of the amendments, the participation of such persons in the television show, according to vostretsova, will be regarded as aggravating liability circumstances. “You remember, when the law on Skinner accepted, we have increased time for animal abuse — said the Deputy. And aggravating circumstance was showing sadistic clips. Also here and there a gun themselves close transfer about all these magicians and psychics”.

In October it was reported about initiation of legal proceedings against the healer received from a resident of Kemerovo 1.2 million rubles for the treatment of damage and the spell gone from his wife. The man went to the police convinced that his wife did not come back.

In may, the faction “United Russia” has not supported the legislative initiative of the Deputy Vitaly Milonov to introduce criminal liability for mages and healers.