Emergency services have eliminated the accident on the pipeline in Moscow

Continued: the city authorities ruled out the theory of deliberate damage of the heating mains

Repair work at the scene of the accident on the pipeline in the East of the capital is completed. About it “lente.ru” the head of the Department of housing and communal services of Moscow, Gasan Gasangadzhiyev.

According to him, the damaged highway began to fill with hot water. The process will last about one and a half hours, after which heat will be back in houses of Muscovites.

The head of the Main Department of EMERCOM in Moscow Ilya Denisov told to Agency “Interfax” that at the moment, about 600 thousand people remain in the area of low heat. No heat in 30 kindergartens and 40 schools, but by Friday morning for their work accident is not affected.

Earlier it was reported that, after a break in the main feed pipeline of the heating network from TPP-23 of about two thousand buildings were disconnected from a heat supply and hot water. Injured seven people, three of them refused hospitalization.

Background: as a result of the accident on the pipeline in Moscow, suffered six people