Doctors have linked baldness with dangerous disease

Doctors have linked baldness with dangerous disease

MOSCOW, 4 Dec — RIA Novosti. Early baldness and gray hair in men younger than 40 can speak of a predisposition to cardiovascular disease, according to the conclusions of the European physicians, who presented the results of their research at the conference of cardiologists of India in Calcutta.

The authors examined the 790 young people with coronary artery disease and 1270 healthy people in the control group, study their ECG, echocardiography, blood tests and scalp of the head.

It turned out that young men with heart disease bald often than the control group — 49% and 27%, respectively.

The difference was even greater in the case of premature gray hair — it revealed half of study participants with the disease compared to 30% in the control group.

“The alleged reason for the existence of such a relationship may be the nature of biological aging. That is, the aging process some patients may start earlier and be faster. This can affect the condition of the hair,” says one of the study’s authors Kamal Sharma.

Doctors recommend that men with premature alopecia or hair to draw attention to the state of your cardiovascular system and to reflect on the lifestyle changes, including to give preference to healthy eating and avoid stress and bad habits.

Coronary insufficiency — a condition in which reduced or completely stops coronary blood flow. Because of this, the heart receives less nutrients and oxygen. This condition is the most common manifestation of coronary heart disease. Coronary insufficiency can lead to heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest.