The US Ambassador called the conditions for improving relations with Russia

John Huntsman

The settlement of the situation in Ukraine is extremely important to restore confidence between Moscow and Washington. About it in interview to the newspaper “Vedomosti” said U.S. Ambassador to Russia John huntsman.

“The situation in Ukraine poses its own challenges, and it is Ukraine, perhaps the only such an important topic, which could breathe new life into bilateral relations between Moscow and Washington… Ukraine is critical to restoring our relations with Moscow”, — he said.

The Ambassador noted that difficult relations between the two countries were due to the so-called “meddling” in US presidential elections. And almost all the intelligence agencies of the United States believe that the intervention took place, though not presented tangible evidence. “But the original cause cooling – the situation in Ukraine”, — said the huntsman.

According to the diplomat, he believes in the opportunity to improve relations and for this has agreed to be the representative of the USA in Russia. “I wouldn’t have accepted the offer to head the Embassy in Moscow, if the goal was to maintain the status quo,” said the huntsman.

John huntsman was approved by the Ambassador to Russia at the end of September. On 2 October he arrived in Moscow, where he was received by Russian President Vladimir Putin.