The Russian machine made a dive in the search area of the submarine Argentina

The Russian machine made a dive in the search area of the submarine Argentina

The Russian Autonomous underwater vehicle took the first photograph the object, similar to the missing submarine San Juan, said during a press conference the representative of the Navy of Argentina Enrique Balbi. This is stated in the message Department on Twitter.

“El contacto detectado el 30 de Noviembre con ecosonda multihaz por el buque Angelescu Víctor del Ministerio de Agroindustria, fue verificado por el ruso ROV Panter Plus arrojando un resultado negativo por no corresponder con el #submarinoARASanJuan” CN Balbi #Continúalabúsqueda

— Armada Argentina (@Armada_Arg) 2 Dec 2017

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According to the representative of the Navy of the country, judging by the photos made by the “Panther plus”, found on 30 November, echo sounder of the vessel Victor Angelescu object is not a submarine. The search, according to Balbi, will continue at three points where, according Sonnar, may be the submarine. “Operations will continue tomorrow another in three points, which will be appreciated by the staff of the center in Puerto Belgrano, along with the Russian staff,” said Balbi.

Russian experts arrived to assist the Argentine sailors in search of the submarine San Juan on November 25. The group of specialists of the Russian Navy are military divers, military doctor and underwater vehicle “Panther plus”. They were taken to Argentina Antonov an-124. In addition, DoD 23 Nov sent to Argentina hydrographic vessel “Yantar”.

Diesel-electric submarine of the Navy of Argentina San Juan with 44 members of crew on Board has stopped communicating on November 15. She disappeared during transit between two ports in the South-Central part of the country. In search of the submarine, except Argentina, involved ships and aircraft 18 countries. The Argentine military twice claimed to have received signals similar to the signals of the submarine, but both times they were not confirmed. 1 Dec Argentine military announced the termination of the operation to rescue the sailors and acknowledged the submarine lost, however, the search for the submarine continued.