The peasants rode on horseback to his beloved and was caught stealing

A resident of the Altai Krai stole a horse and went on her date, but was detained, reports a press-service of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

“Law enforcement officers stopped the rider, but the man, leaving the horse, fled from the police. Soon the police detained him,” the report says.

According to police, 31-year-old resident of the village of Oktyabrsky stole a horse from a farm premises, where he worked as a shepherd. On the day of the theft he was off-duty. He rode 30 kilometers to the village Herds. The police man said that the horse was stolen in order to go on it to your friend.

Concerning the detainee brought criminal case on signs of structure of the crime provided by article 158 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Theft made with illegal penetration into a premise or other storehouse”). Man suspect of stealing a mobile phone from a colleague and two cans. He was remanded in custody.

A similar crime was committed in the Tomsk region a year and a half ago. Three young men took a 10-year-old stallion named Gypsy-drawn sleigh to get to rural discos. When it became clear that the club is closed, the attackers went on the sled for alcoholic drinks and sold the Gypsy on the way to the counter passer-by for a thousand rubles.