Superman-the COP didn’t let the car fall from the bridge

Superman-the COP didn’t let the car fall from the bridge

British officer Martin Willis saved the driver of the van, holding his car on the edge of the bridge and not allowing it to break down.

The van went off the road on a bridge in the English County of Yorkshire, overturned and was teetering in the wind on the edge.

The driver could not get out of the cab and was forced to sit there, waiting for help.

The first on the scene arrived police officer Martin Willis.

Later, Willis wrote on Twitter that grabbed the van and held him struggling, that he “did not shake in the wind.”

According to Martin, he can’t even describe the joy he felt when at last approached the fire brigade.

Colleagues did not fail to Express his admiration for the heroic act of the Yorkshire police.

“Something I don’t see Superman’s Cape in the photo. I think it came out while you were tense,” he wrote on Twitter police officer Adam pace.

Policeman clings onto lorry about to fall off the bridge with the driver trapped inside by clinging onto it’s wheel, PC Martin Willis held on for dear life after a vehicle crashed on the A1 near Aberford, North Yorkshire via @metrouk

— Brian James (@yazzooguy) 2 Dec 2017

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