Scientists have learned about new threats, which carries a weight

Scientists have learned about new threats, which carries a weight

MOSCOW, 3 Dec — RIA Novosti. Scientists at Bristol University found that excess weight affects the level of mortality to a much greater extent than previously thought. The study is published in the portal EurekAlert.

University staff analyzed the impact of high and low body mass index (BMI) on the human body. The study involved 60 thousand children and parents.

Scientists conducted an analysis of the relationship between body weight of patients, their physical condition and mortality in families.

Together with the Norwegian University of natural Sciences and engineering scientists from Bristol have discovered how the mortality of parents is related to their body weight and body weight of their children. The study showed that overweight to a much greater extent increases the risk of death than previously thought.

Previous studies could not capture a “pure” relationship between obesity and mortality. The problem was that the findings of scientists was affected by other diseases suffered by man.

This research work relies on the fact that the BMI of parents and children related genetically. Thus the child’s performance is not affected parents are ill. Taking into account the BMI of children and mortality of their parents, members of research centers were able to identify direct impact of obesity on the risk of death.

The study refutes the myth that a small excess body weight is not can greatly affect human health.

“We found that previous studies have underestimated the impact of overweight on mortality, and our findings support current recommendations to maintain BMI in the range 18.5 to 25,” said one of the study’s authors Dr David Clark.