Officials accused of infringement of rights, who asked Putin coffin pensioner

TRANS-Baikal Prosecutor’s office convicted a local fire prevention authorities in the infringement of the rights of a pensioner who applied for assistance in the acquisition of a coffin to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. On Monday, December 4, reports TASS.

In particular, the police officers had exceeded the period of notice for instituting enforcement proceedings, depriving man of the ability to voluntarily comply with the stated requirements.

In addition, the supervisors found that the Pension Fund of Russia has directed to the address of the FSSP wrong information that no delinquent status of a pensioner. Only when the man himself turned to the Fund, the officers had the right data and decided to return him to 50 percent of the recovered funds.

Executive production due to housing debt in the amount of 9 thousand rubles on 72-the summer inhabitant of the settlement made Clear in August. Notice it’s the man in September. In October he paid a debt of 100 roubles, after which his card was removed all available there is 8.5 thousand. Left without means of subsistence, a pensioner wrote a letter to Putin asking him to instruct local authorities to dig him a grave and buy a coffin.