Fire RAID: “Msta” has made a superweapon


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© TASS/press service of “Uralvagonzavod”

In the framework of the state defense order execution-2017 Ekaterinburg factory “Uraltransmash” (part of a group of “Uralvagonzavod”, part of rostec state Corporation) had sent a batch of upgraded 2S19M2 self-propelled howitzers “Msta-s” for the defense Ministry. It was received with supply of the Russian army in 2014 and in that time has established itself as a reliable and effective artillery piece.

Heavy-duty, high-precision and mobile “Msta” caliber 152 mm is considered the best in the world. According to the developers, the instrument is not inferior to the American, German and Korean analogues, and in many performance characteristics, even surpasses them. For the first time on the modernized “Msta” is applied to the mode — “fire RAID one gun”. Until recently, this task in the Russian artillery was impossible.

The secrets of the new “Msta”

Even before its upgrade, the vehicle is considered extraordinary. It was adopted in 1989. “Msta” was created as a means of massive fire destruction and destruction of tactical nuclear means, artillery and mortar batteries, armored vehicles, manpower and air and missile defense systems, command posts, the destruction of field fortifications.

According to chief designer Valery Kukis howitzer, the design Bureau “Uraltransmash” in “Msta” was laid a huge modernization potential, which allows the car to “live long enough”.