American General has accused Russia in the creation of weapons against satellites

In Russia and China developing weapons that can be used against satellites. This opinion was expressed by the head of Strategic command of the Armed forces of the USA General John Khayten (John Hyten), reports CNN.

The General believes that Russia and China to create and test “weapons to work in space controlled from the ground, silencing and laser weapons”. According to him, it is done in the open and not kept secret.

According to Hatena, Moscow and Beijing saw the United States successfully used the satellites during various military operations, including the conflict in the Persian Gulf in 1991, and want to deprive Washington of such opportunities in the future. He notes that information about missile launches around the world captured by U.S. satellites and defend them hard.

Khayten sure that the way countries want to “challenge US and to change the balance of power in the world.” “We can’t allow,” he said.

General vigorously defends his point of view. Such statements sounded from him at the beginning of the year. Then he argued that the use of such weapons, can create a large amount of debris in orbit, which will hinder the access of spacecraft.