Thick smog over Delhi: residents panic

Thick smog over Delhi: residents panic

The capital of India Delhi was enveloped in a thick grey smog. According to the world health organization, in some areas of the city the level of air pollution 30 times higher than the acceptable norm.


Medical organization of India (IMA) introduced in the city “state of emergency” and urged the authorities to do everything possible to improve the environment. IMA also recommended the repeal of the city’s marathon, scheduled for November 19.

Many social media users complain of breathing problems and publish photos in which visible thick smog on the streets.

Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal appealed to the Ministry of education with a request to consider closing city schools for a few days.

The level of air pollution is being observed in Delhi in the winter, when farmers from the neighbouring States of Punjab and Haryana burn the straw to clear the fields for planting season.

Activists say authorities do not pay sufficient attention to this issue, despite the sharp deterioration of the ecological situation in the Indian capital.

Low wind speed, dust from construction sites, waste incineration and the use of fireworks also contribute to the level of air pollution in Delhi.

In October, city officials presented a plan to improve the situation: in particular, it provides transport restrictions and the closure of a large urban power plants. However, the majority of citizens is not notice any changes for the better.

Air pollution is one of the main causes of premature death among residents of India. About 620 thousand inhabitants of this country die each year from diseases related to pollution of the atmosphere, say who.