The deer gored to death by a French hunter

A man in France was the victim of a deer. The friends of the deceased say that he was an experienced hunter, reported on the website of BFMTV on Tuesday, November 7.

The incident occurred near the city of Compiegne (Oise Department) the previous day. 62-year-old régis L. had lured the deer to other players in the hunt, he was not armed. The animal behaved aggressively, the man received the blow horns in the chest and died before the ambulance arrived.

4 October it was reported that the French Department of var, in the South hunter took the 60-the summer pensioner of the boar and shot him. The head of the local society of hunters confirmed that since the opening of the season this year it already the third similar incident. In all cases, were violated precautions for individual hunting.