Stas Mikhailov has complained of Russia in the European court because Alexander Revva

Stas Mikhailov

The European court of human rights (ECHR) communicated a complaint of singer Stas Mikhailov against the Russian authorities. About this in his Telegram channel in the head of an international human rights organization “Agora” Pavel Chikov.

“The European court of human rights communicated the complaint of singer Stas Mikhailov against the government of Russia on the failure of the courts to protect his rights in a way which assumed a certain Mikhail Stasov. Marvelous things!”, — posted by the lawyer.

To post chikova attached a screenshot of the complaint. It says that Mikhailov appeal against the refusal of the Russian courts to protect his rights on the image in the movie “the stand” parodied actor Alexander Revva.

Screenshot: Telegram-channel Pavel chikova

The complaint States that the image Mikhailov in the film besmirched his dignity and personal reputation. It is also indicated that the singer can appeal to the 152nd article of the Russian Civil code (“Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation”).

In addition, the complaint States that the courts in Russia were acquainted only with the commercial trailer and watch the movie as a whole declined.

Mikhailov sent a complaint to the ECHR on 5 December 2014, it was communicated on 19 October 2017.

In may 2013, a complaint Mikhailov rejected the Ostankino court of Moscow. The singer tried to sue the creators of 10 million rubles.

The Comedy “the Understudy” was released in 2013. One of the characters in the picture is Michael Stasov (Aleksandr Revva) — popular singer, who competes with the protagonist of the film Igor Uspensky (his role also takes the Revva) for the title of “man of the year”. At the beginning of the film indicated that all coincidences with real events and characters are random.