Showing the middle finger to the cortege of the American trump fired

Showed the motorcade of U.S. President Donald trump’s middle finger woman fired. It is reported The Huffington Post.

The employer 50-year-old Julie Brickman company, Akima, LLC, complied with government orders, was indignant with that the woman placed the picture in their accounts in Twitter and Facebook.

Representatives of the company invited, Brickman a conversation where you told her that her services are no longer needed.

Worked six months in the marketing Department and public relations Akima replied that at this time has not been in the workplace and in her social networks, the employer is not mentioned. However, the company felt that the can hurt their business.

Thus, Briskman said he did not regret what happened because they expressed their dissatisfaction with the trump publicly.

Background: the Cyclist showed the motorcade trump’s middle finger