“Russia 24” told about the plans of the Murmansk officials to take the saliva of Russians abroad

Biological materials the Russians have repeatedly tried to take abroad and transfer them to foreigners. This is stated in one of the fresh scenes of a weekly TV program “Vesti Nedeli”.

Journalists of the TV channel “Russia 24,” found that in 2016 and 2017 across the Russian border wanted to bring the biomaterials at least three times. In particular, last year was an attempt to smuggle to Norway 430 saliva samples of Russian citizens. The authors of the story note that the transportation of samples was organized by officials from the local Ministry of health, ostensibly to study the effects of alcohol and drugs on the human body. The acting Deputy chief of Murmansk customs albert Duzhak told the TV station that they managed to prevent the Russian transfer of saliva to the Norwegians — it was not declared and it did not have permits. In the end, civil servants were fined.

According to the information channel, in the Samara region some foreign non-commercial organization “showed interest” to the Russian biomaterials and wanted to find out how affected by some harmful substances on the health of men. And registered in Saint-Petersburg firm allegedly tried to sell to the United States 20 thousand selected in the Nizhny Novgorod region of blood samples.

“A biomaterial is the key, which each of us can learn anything. Now imagine that we are talking about the employee of the defensive enterprise or who works in the nuclear industry or in a secret research Institute” — refers to the spectator reporter.

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education and science, former chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko told the TV station that around Russia creates a system of military-biological laboratories. According to him, now in Ukraine near Kharkov build “a strong military biological facility.” He is sure all this is done in order to make a “biological sabotage” and to destabilize the situation in the country.

In conclusion, journalists warn that in the hands of the enemy information about the health of Russians could be a real weapon against Russia. “Data on how diseases affected entire cities and regions, will allow to establish, as scientists say, the target in the human body. It’s kind of a ticking time bomb. Under any Convention such diseases are not covered. And then all of this can be blamed on ecology,” conclude the authors of the movie.

In late October, President Vladimir Putin said that across the country “focused and professional” harvested biomaterial Russian citizens of different ethnic groups and in different regions. Later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that these are some emissaries and non-governmental organizations.

In July 2017 RT with a link to the website of public procurement, the US reported that the us military wanted to buy the samples of tissues of the Russians of the Caucasian race. They were interested in samples of RNA molecules that are involved in the implementation of human genetic information, and synovial fluid that provides joint mobility.