Moscow taxi driver fractured the skull of the passenger for refusing to pay for the trip

In Moscow taxi driver beat up a passenger who refused to pay him for the trip. About it reports TV channel “360”.

The incident occurred back in October, but the statement the woman wrote at the beginning of November. The day her call came a man who was emotionally agitated and was rude to her.

However, she got into his car. Later, the woman noticed that the meter driver has appeared the excess of the cost of the taxi. Between them there was a quarrel, and departed from her home 300 meters, the driver told her to exit the vehicle.

The woman complied and headed towards the house, suddenly felt a blow in the head, then fell to the asphalt and lost consciousness.

The victim was taken to hospital where doctors diagnosed for it closed cherepno-a brain trauma, brain concussion, bruises of soft tissues of abdominal wall, right chest and closed abdominal trauma.

Moscow police began an investigation on the incident.

On October 17 in Moscow have detained the taxi driver, grass people mineral water with dissolved substances. According to the investigation, for two years the driver is fed its passengers and then robbed and dropped off on the street. One of the victims died as a result of severe poisoning.