In France, an inattentive dealer confused the police with buyers

In the French town of Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (Lorraine) 17-year-old drug dealer took four police officers for their clients and was captured by guards. About it reports L’est Republican.

The car in which there were four employees of Department on fight against crime stopped at one of the Parking lots. Dressed in civilian clothes police officers got out of the car to stretch their legs. This time they spotted a drug dealer, a business of sale of illegal drugs in the area.

He walked to the guards, taking them for buyers and hoping to make a deal. Approaching the group of officers close, the young man realized his mistake. He began to mutter something and tried to retreat.

This behavior of the young man seemed suspicious to the police. They caught the guy and frisked him. In the bag of a merchant was discovered Packed in bags of 70 doses of cocaine and heroin. The young man was taken to the police station, the court made the decision on its arrest.

Police said that it was the easiest arrest of their lives.