Dog rescued a family of French Jews from the fire

In the Paris suburb of créteil dog rescued a Jewish family from a fire. It is reported by Tablet Mag.

The incident occurred at night on 4 November. Residents woke up to the incessant barking of the dog and decided to check what’s wrong. They found that the front door to the apartment belching smoke. As it turned out, unknown, doused her with flammable liquid and then set on fire, reported in the social organization of the National Bureau of anti-Semitism.

On suspicion of arson detained the Arab, who lives next door. It is known that in social networks, he has repeatedly published reports pronounced anti-Semitic character.

It is noted that a week before, unknown persons set fire to car of the same family.

According to the publication, three years ago in one of the houses Cretea, where lived a young Jewish family burst into armed men and ordered to bring money. “You Jews, you have money!” — they shouted. After securing the booty, the criminals raped lived in the house of the woman and ran away.