Australian rammed the school and crushed two children

In Sydney a woman in the car hit the building of the primary school. A car crashed into a wall and entered the classroom where classes were, reports BBC News.

As a result of severe injuries to two boys. They were hospitalized, but doctors were unable to save their lives. The hospital was also sent three girls, one of them is in serious condition, two others in moderate condition. Other students doctors examined on the spot.

The doctors arrived at the scene of the accident, called what he saw “hellish spectacle.” “As if we were on the scene of the carnage,” — said an employee of the ambulance service of New South Wales.

Police do not believe that the actions was driving the women was deliberate. The culprit of the accident passed the necessary tests for a condition of narcotic and alcoholic intoxication. She’s being interviewed by investigators.

In July of 2013 in the U.S. city of Kansas city (Missouri) car rammed the building of the kindergarten. Range Rover SUV, driven by 80-year-old driver at high speed crashed into a Cadillac, then the car was thrown to the side of the building, she broke through the wall of the facade. Three of them were in the building of the children received injuries of mild and moderate severity and were hospitalized.