The United States called the timing of the establishment of hypersonic weapons

In the United States, said the creation of hypersonic weapons with different levels of difficulty, according to Scout Warrior. The publication had an interview with those responsible for research and development in the United States air force Jeffrey Zacharias. According to the expert, gradual progress in the field of hypersonic weapons will require decades of continuous technological development.

Drone flight intelligence apparatus needs to happen in 2030-ies, while a supersonic reusable products of similar purpose will fly only in 2040. Around this same time planned the establishment of a hypersonic platforms that will be launching different types of products, in particular, missiles and reconnaissance drones.

Zacharias believes that in two or three decades, progress in battery and engine, is sufficient for adopting such drones.

Hypersonic missiles, kinetic weapons, and a separate model of hypersonic UAVs it is planned to adopt already in 2020.

Hypersonic weapons involves the movement of aircraft, such as aircraft, missiles or warheads at speeds above five Mach numbers (more than six thousand kilometers per hour). It is believed that this will avoid exposure to air defense or a potential enemy.